The stately two-story red brick building just down the street from the (church) is the Palacio Municipal (municipal building) of Alamos. And although it is called the municipal building, it also houses offices for state and federal officials as well.

After climbing the steps to enter the building, the first thing you will notice is a stage surrounded by tiled floors and illuminated by a semi-opaque roof. This space is a popular venue in Alamos for concerts, plays and other gatherings.

On either side of the stage and directly inside the entrance are lovely arched columnades that frame the stage area on the first floor and the second floor balcony. Behind them are corridors with tiled floors and planked ceilings that provide access to the offices of government officials.

Each office entrance is framed by painted wood corinthian columns and an arch, with an elegantly crafted wood door and glass transom that features an etching of one of Mexico’s coat of arms, which also appears on its flag – an eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus, with a snake in its mouth.

Climb the steps to the second floor and you can get an even better view of the area from the balcony level, and take some great photos of this very unique Alamos government building.