There is so much to experience here


Those who have been here will tell you that just being in Alamos is an experience. But in addition to basking in the relaxing colonial charm of the place, there are many activities and experiences to enjoy here.


Alamos is nestled among the verdant mountains of the Sierra Madres, surrounded by an abundance of natural flora and fauna. It is estimated that nearly 500 species of birds can be found here, not only migratory birds but hundreds of exotic species that call Alamos home. In addition, more than 1000 species of plant life thrive on the verdant hills and valleys around Alamos.

Because of this, the area has become a favorite for birding enthusiasts, botanists and other researchers, and those who just enjoy walking among a unique, biologically diverse natural environment. In addition, nature and hunting enthusiasts can also enjoy horseback riding, hiking, mountain bike riding, sport fishing and hunting in the area.


It is said that as Pancho Villa’s troops were pillaging through southern Sonora, Villa ordered them not to disturb Alamos, because he liked it so much and planned on someday retiring there. He never retired in Alamos, but perhaps spared some of its historical treasures from destruction.

The town’s cathedral, La Parroquia de la Purísima Concepción, is a marvelous example of 18th century architecture, as are the carefully restored mansions that were originally built during the silver rush days of the 1700’s. There is also a local museum, a building that was previously a mint and other historically significant structures around the town. And a walk among the unique monuments at the local cemetery will give you a sense of history and the people who have lived and died here.

Other Interesting Places

Once you arrive in Alamos, we recommend that you take the mini-train tour around town to get oriented and see some of the local sites of interest. Then, you can either hire a taxi or walk to the places that interest you, like from the Plaza de Armas and its 18th-century cathedral, the nearby “kissing alley,” the El Mirador lookout point, the Mercado and the Museo Ortiz Tirado.

Alamos is filled with beautiful and interesting sights to see, and you could literally spend weeks exploring the town and the area around it. Take your time, and meet some of the very friendly locals who will be more than happy to tell you about their magical pueblo.