Information for the Alamos traveler
alamos palacio municipal

The auditorium in the Palacio Municipal of Alamos, Sonora

Getting to Alamos

Because of its location in the southern portion of the Mexican state of Sonora, Alamos can be accessed by bus, plane and automobile originating from a location in Arizona, Sonora or its neighbor to the south, Sinaloa. Read more.

Lodging in Alamos

There are several marvelous options to consider when looking for a place to stay during your visit to Alamos. They range from basic motel accommodations to a bed and breakfast in a restored mansion, or a luxury resort. Read more.

Places to See in Alamos

Alamos welcomes its visitors with a variety of options for exploring the town and nearby areas. There are local taxi drivers and tour operators located in the Plaza de Armas area, a small train that provides a drive around the town for a few pesos or you can just take a strolling tour to see some of the town’s more famous sites – the Plaza de Armas and its 18th-century cathedral, the nearby “kissing alley,” the El Mirador lookout point, the Mercado and the Museo Ortiz Tirado among them.

Alamos Cuisine

And while enjoying the magic of Alamos, to complete the experience you must enjoy some of the local cuisine. From traditional regional and national Mexican dishes at one of the local restaurants to haute cuisine prepared by an internationally recognized chef, the culinary delights of Alamos are another treasure to enjoy here. Read more.