Resorts and Retreats

Luxury accommodations in Alamos

One of the truly unique aspects of the Alamos experience is to spend time in a luxury resort.

Many of these gems are in restored 18th-century mansions that have seen centuries of life experiences, and you can feel the history as you enjoy the 21st century opulence.

Enjoy a night of luxury living in an elegant, upscale and historic Alamos mansion setting.


Alamos Bonito Resort
Carretera Navojoa-Alamos, km 48
Phone: +52 (647) 105-0917

El Pedregal Nature Lodge and Retreat Center
El Chalaton (on the outskirts of Alamos)
Phone: +52 (647) 428-0466
This is also the location of Solipaso Tours
See more information and make a reservation

Hacienda De Los Santos Resort and Spa
Calle Molina #8
Phone: +52 (647) 428-0222
See more information and make a reservation

Serena Vista Retreat Center
Loma de Guadalupe #9
(located on a hillside near Alamos)
See more information and make a reservation

Resorts and Retreats

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